Lab retreat 2016

What are lab retreats for? In the daily work we have a tendency to focus merely on our own projects, to get our codes running, to get our gels running, without much attention to wider ideas and wider scopes. Well, our retreat was the perfect occasion to focus on those wider scopes. We set off for two sunny days in the beautiful Montnegre mountain range of Catalunya. The welcoming smile of our hosts at Can Tonedor was the ideal place to start our reflections on our projects, on the lab, on our futures, and the inner working of the mechanics of egg shells (see photos). It was very pleasant and constructive.

Guillaume tests the three egg-protecting devices that the brave scientists of our team made, using only A4 paper, tape, toilet paper, and a cloth.

We had the time and the will to expose our own individual projects to all the critics of all the others. We went deep into how we should work as a team, and what are the most important elements to bear in mind when considering ourselves as part of this team. Far away from our codes and gels, we are much more able to connect with a profound sense of being part of something special, and to clear the clouds on what are our higher ambitions and goals. And in the end, this will certainly help our codes and gels to run much better.

Now we take home several important decisions, among others:

  1. store all our lab notes/books in pdf format in a place where everyone can see them;
  2. use Asana to try to organize lab life (we're testing it, it seems pretty awesome);
  3. we appointed clear roles for common tasks in lab management (yes, I will be taking care of lab publicity!);
  4. store all protocols on GitHub.

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